About Me

My name is Jason Kinney and building websites is my passion

I am a front-end web developer from Aurora, IL currently working at The Nerdery. I launched this website so I can display some of my favorite projects that I've been able to be a part of as well as share my thoughts and opinions on web development. I've been very lucky to be able to work with a group of such talented people to help me grow and let me code some of their great designs. My goals for the site is for it to reflect me as a person, developer and to never stop growing.

I have a real passion for the web and just can't get enough whether it be talking strategy for a responsive site or learning a new workflow. I didn't always have a passion for web, I actually despised it for a while, but once I decided to give it a fair chance, I gained a love for it that I never thought I would.

The reason I love being a web developer so much is simple, you're never done. The fact that the web is always changing and there is always something new to learn keeps me motivated to stay active. If you're a web developer, I refuse to believe you can be bored. There's always something to brush up on, learn more about, or something just awesome you haven't discovered yet.

I like that no one can know everything, especially when it comes to the web, it makes every person unique in their skill and work and helps create the web community by sharing knowledge and experiences.